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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Oh, paper crafting.
We have a love/hate relationship. Meaning... I would love to be that kind of crafty... but I really just hate doing it. Scrapbooking? Stamping? Cardmaking? UGH. I am quite poor at all of it, and get little enjoyment. (I DO really enjoy gift wrapping though... does that count as paper crafts?)
But my friends recently threw me a baby shower with all these lovely handmade details, and the whole thing was just perfection-- perfection I knew could not be followed with a store bought thank you. So I sucked it up and got over my 'tude about paper-crafts and set out to make charming thank you notes for my guests.
I saw this idea on the interwebs sometime pre-pinterest... and I cannot tell you where to save my life. Not that it's particularly stunning or difficult or original I just try to credit my inspiration. So If you thought of it first-- let me know. :)
Anyway, I busted out my machine and fabric scraps, as well as some leftover blank cards from wedding stuff. and... made these:
Amy Lee was over and she cut fabric triangles which I free-hand sewed into drapey pennants on thank you notes. Added a little blue thank you stamp... and called it a card. Actually, I'm happy with how it turned out. They are cute, but still quite simple. That's how I like it. Nice is simple.
Now the trick is... writing (and actually sending!!!) thank you notes for all the lovely gifts we received. I have a two week goal on those... I'll let you know how that turns out. ;)

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