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Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting Personal

Sooo... this is my crafty blog, right? And I try to keep my personal, my ramblings and opinions, and my funny stories to my personal blog. Most importantly, Yes, I am pregnant, but I was going to attempt to spare you all the pregnancy and baby details... and just keep it to my craftiness.
But here's what I am thinking about today. My two blogs have different audiences. I kinda wish that I could get the opinions and advice of this audience when I post about certain things on my other blog. But I don't know. I don't know if I should mix the two. Not that I have a huge following of devoted fans here, but I still don't want people who are here for one reason to be all annoyed that I am chatting all about my personal life and issues.
So I am... wondering. I am not going to completely combine the two or do away with one or the other... but would you as a reader be offended to occasionally find a personal post? Or to be asked your opinions on a specific topic? Or if I shared my opinions? Or if I begged for advice or sympathy from other current mommies (because motherhood kinda scares the ba-jeebies out of me right now!)???
What do you think about that?


  1. I love learning about the person behind the blog. What you create is a part of you. I don't mind offering mothering advice, either. As a mom veteran for over 10 years now, I hope I can spare someone else my blunders. :)

  2. Yes! Do it!

    I agree with everything Chris said above me, except of course, I've "only" been a mom for 5 years.