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Friday, July 15, 2011

Cheap Dress for Friday

Found some cute cheap dresses today... thought I would share.
(Yes these are all maternity, I'm fat now, deal with it.)

I love this color
$13.98 online at Target

Not Summery, it's brown courdory... Baby P will be here in the winter, so I'm in.
$14.99 at Motherhood

Pregnant Romper: Amy and I discussed this, could I pull this off, or would I look like I was wearing my PJ's?
$14.99 online at Motherhood

Cute stripey Maxi
$19.99 at Old Navy

Lest you think I have abandoned old obsessions, a lovely dress from my girlfriend Ann Taylor
$41.99 (after discount at checkout) at LOFT

With so many options for cute maternity style... whats a girl to do??? I probably shouldn't spend my whole paycheck on dresses, but hubby says I can get one... which would you choose?


  1. Longer is better for me...but my legs are swelling. :( You can wear a cute cardigan with it when it is colder too.

  2. I'm ALL about LOFT. Love it!

    And the romper? I immediately thought pajamas... just saying. ":-)

  3. I'm digging all of the dress options, especially the stripey chevron one. I'm with you on the pajama look of the romper, but you could wear it at home to lounge!

  4. No to the romper - no matter how cute you look in it, it is pajamas. LOVE the purple and so cute with a short cardigan when it gets to be fall.

  5. I know you already chose, but I love the last one with the ruffle... so cute!