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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Most Amazing Thing I Will Ever Make.

(But I am not going to post a tutorial... ha!)

I've been absent for a while, sporadic and elusive at best. I haven't done much sewing lately. Haven't painted anything in months, and my fancy silhouette is gathering dust. It's not that I don't have any creative ideas or desire... It's just that I have this other 'project' I've been working on, and it has been consuming a great deal of my time and energy. Actually all my energy.
For the past couple months I have spent nearly every evening mostly incapacitated laying on my couch being miserable. I don't sew, I don't play with the boys, I don't even make dinner. (my husband is feeling abused and neglected.) I just lay on my couch and concentrate very hard on not puking.
Fun project, right?
It's a work in progress. Let me give you some more details:
Though the idea had been floating in my head for many many years this 'project' didn't kick off until mid march when our life was changed by one little word on a digital screen:

Shortly after that day, the first stage of the project (as described above) hit me full force. Ironically, mornings and afternoon I feel pretty good. I hate evenings. I just try to survive them promising myself that the effort will be worth it come December.
Of course initially I was hesitant to share the news of our project with people. I mean, we wanted to tell people, but wanted to wait until the right moment. So we kept it under wraps (for the most part) until Mother's Day, when we each gave our moms this card:

And the news was out! At least to our families. We swore them all to secrecy, which I am pretty sure the bubbling new grandmas thought was pretty unfair, but we were wanted to wait a little longer before we spilled the beans.
In the mean time, the process has required great amounts of sometimes strange combinations of food to fuel it. Things like this

By the truckload. And watermelon has been ridiculously sweet this season so far. Yum. And ridiculous quantities of this:
Mmmm... guacamole.
And most recently... potato chips dipped in melted dark chocolate? Oh, I swoon at the thought and my husband looks on in horror as I scarf them down. The other day after a particularly bad bought of sickness I was super dehydrated and exhausted and HUNGRY. But the only thing in the whole wide world that I wanted? Chocolate Ice Cream and Red Gatorade (folks, I don't like gatorade, I have NEVER liked gatorade. I am disgusted when my husband drinks the strange salty kool-aid stuff, and refuse to buy it for him or keep it in the house. But I wanted-- nay, NEEDED red gatorade before I was going to make it out of bed) and so at 7:30 am on a Wednesday morning I sent my baffled and slightly annoyed, but doting husband to the grocery store to buy me chocolate ice cream and red Gatorade. And it was awesome.
The past couple months have not been so productive in the crafting world because Baby P is making his/her presence known and consuming my spare time and energy with less than enjoyable symptoms. However... You can bet your buttons that I am not gone forever, And that Baby P is just the excuse I need for a whole new world of sewing, decorating, photography, and food projects. Once I hit that second trimester mark and i have energy oozing from every part of me (as i have been promised will happen by several reputable sources) and I can actually get off the couch for a few hours a day... I am sure I'll be creating like crazy.
But in the mean time here is something you can read about that happened earlier today, when we heard Baby P's heartbeat for the very first time. Let me tell you... it was incredible. I may or may not have shed a tear or two.
Will December ever get here soon enough???


  1. I'm so sorry you're feeling gross! Bummer. Hopefully it'll turn around pretty soon here when you get to the 2nd trimester.
    Also, I too craved guacamole in insane amounts when I was pregnant with kid 2. So delicious! I think it is our bodies' way of making sure we get enough fat. :)

  2. Wow! Congratulations!! Morning sickness....is so hard. On one hand it's like, "Yay! Baby! So thankful!" and on the other it's like, "Kill me now." And now I want to launch into some of my stories, but I'll spare you:)

    Seriously, congratulations...can't wait to see all the wonderfulness you make!

    P.S. December will be here before you know it. Cherish this time with your hubby!

  3. I know I see you like everyday, and that we talk about Baby P alot, but I'm so excited for you and Zach!!! I'm also excited because once again, I get to be an honorary Aunt (you've known me since the 4th grade and you don't get a choice). You are so blessed to have Baby P on the way!