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Sunday, October 31, 2010

LOOK AT THIS: Halloween costumes

Can we turn this hot mess
Yuck! on the shapeless baggy dress, crazy hair, and pale makeupless face.

Into this fabulous costume idea?
Well... you tell me:

We are Millie Dilmount and Jimmy Smith from the Show Thoroughly Modern Millie. Cute, right?
The Costume party was for our Theatre group, so everyone was supposed to come dressed as characters from a show... My parents came as well... and they were:

Captain and Maria Von Trapp from The Sound of Music. (My mother would like to note that they are Act II SOM... so no whistle for the captain and no habit for Maria!) My mom MADE her dress too... She was trying to create Julie Andrews (Eeeks, I love her!) dress from the gazebo scene (Pic of the dress HERE)... but this is how the dress started:
Awesome, Right? That would be a heinous, stained, sz 24 mother of the bride dress, that we got for about $5 at the thrift store. She also made my dad--Captain Von Trapp-- a jacket. She did a great job. :)
And... just to show you one more crazy person who put way more effort into their costume than was necessary (HA!) My good friend Erin (with whom I planned the party) has a life-long dream (and I use the term 'dream' loosely, because it is more like an obsession... ha!) to play Mary Poppins in the stage musical. Here was her family inspiration:
Her costume started with thrift store finds that looked a little like this:

But with a little sewing and tweaking ended up like this:

Without a doubt... her cutest accessory was her son Dawson, dressed as a chimney sweep for the evening:

The party was super fun, and all the costumes were great! Unfortunately, my camera was forgotten and the food table and decor was rather destroyed by the time i remembered to ask someone to take pictures of it... so no decor pictures as promised.
But to assuage your sorrows, the boys enjoyed their first Halloween together with themed costumes as well (I love a good theme). The boys love their dad more than anything in the world... and so why not be just like him for Halloween???
Winston was a FedEx Courier... just like his dad. And Charlie...
WAS A PACKAGE! :) (Ahahahahahaha!)

They were much to concerned with kids, and stealing candy from the trick-or-treat bucket, and wrestling and playing to be bothered to sit still very long for a picture (see my hand holding Winston down???) but they were ridiculously cute and got many compliments and giggles from all the guests on Halloween... I think they had a great time too. Yay.
And... That's our Family's first Halloween. :) Hope yours was Lovely as well!

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