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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DO THIS: Play along with me!

Well, the sad news is my Puppy Hoodies didn't make the top 12 in the Crafting with the Stars Competition. But there were 200 some entries, and insanely creative people that entered projects... even still, I like to believe that my project was a solid #13... and JUST BARELY didn't make the cut... And, at this point I have no evidence proving otherwise. :)
Anywho, even though I am not a competitor, the host of the competition has invited people to play along anyhow, and create the themed projects that the contestants will... add them to the linky party... and vote for the competition. So I am excited to play along... and it's almost better this way because my projects won't be judged... no heartbreak and hurt feelings for me. :) Although, also no chance for a mirror ball trophy. [SIGH]
Here's the theme for round one... I know JUST what I'm going to make...

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