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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SEW THIS: Baby Shoes!

Prepare yourself for cuteness. Seriously. 
I got into this baby gift making thing totally unaware of the effects it would have on me. I believed because I am immune to the 'cuteness' most people find in every living thing under 2 yrs of age, that i would also be immune to items created for or belonging to such beings... so this is my surprised face! See? Because this cuteness is not even right-- it is obscene. I can't get over the little-ness of it all. it's so darn entertaining!
Anyhoodles... without further adieu... I made baby shoes and they are ridiculous! check it out:

(SPOILER ALERT: If you are a friend of mine happening upon my blog and are currently pregnant, have recently birthed a child or plan to within the next year or so... there is a very good possibility that you will be gazing upon your baby gift in the next few photos. Please avert your eyes if you desire it to remain a surprise.)

 Pink cotton w/ black canvas sole and lining.
(My very first attempt made out of scraps from my mama's scrap box! ha!)

Tan micro-suede w/ dot cotton lining and canvas sole

Pink satin 'Ballet' slipper with flannel lining

I got my pattern HERE but it is not exactly the sewing for dummies version I usually require... so after figuring it out and making a few adjustments... I am considering writing my own tutorial for shoes... or at least a 'tips and tricks' article for your sewing edification. (shrug) we'll see.
In the mean time scroll back up and take another look at those shoes... bask in the cuteness. It's ridiculous, isn't it? I like little things!

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  1. Wow Val!!! SO cute! You did an awesome job. I LOVE the ballerina version and the suede ones make it possible to make them for a baby boy. Great job!