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Friday, July 2, 2010

TRY THIS: Vintage Hairstyles

One of my favorite things about shows is learning about the fashions and hairstyles of that era. Currently working on a 1930's show... so I have been doing some research on fashion/hair/makeup. As I only do community and amature productions, everyone is responsible for doing their own hair and makeup, and well, I have this bad habit of making myself responsible for a lot of people's hair and makeup... becuase I like doing hair and makeup! I would say I am moderately talented at both... I at least know the right tips and tricks to make it work for the stage.
The past week I have been elbow deep in hair product for about three hours every night trying to create 1930's appropriate hairstyles for 4 different ladies.
Here is some of our inspiration: (I apologize for no photo credits, as most of these were collected by a friend. If you know the source of any of these... let me know! thanks!)

Aren't these ladies fabulous looking? :) I also found the following video super helpful:

I will post photos of our results next week... but I am really pleased with our results so far. It will be super exciting when we have all the hair, makeup, and costumes going. Check Back! :)

So here is one of the best 'hair' shots I have-- not stellar... but... you get a nice side shot of that wave! ;)
And this one is just because I think it's so darn adorable! :)

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