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Thursday, July 1, 2010


This is one of my favorite things from our wedding. Instead of a traditional guest book with lines that people write their name on... (and that I would never glance at again) we decided to create a photo book and have people sign it 'yearbook style'. Plus we had all these FABULOUS engagement pictures take by Claire (of Visionaire Studios, OMG she is Fabulous!) and we wanted to do something cool to show them off. 
Originally I didn't want to tackle this project myself, because I wanted it to be very professional and a non-corny 'keepsake'. So I asked my photographer about it, and she was happy to create this very thing for me, but it was WAY more than I wanted to spend. But then I found out I could create something like what I wanted on Shutterfly... and I was skeptical on how it would turn out, but it was only about a $30 investment, so I thought it was worth a shot. I spent about an hour formatting and inserting my pictures, with their easy to use software-- and tons of options!-- then submitted my book, and crossed my fingers.
What I got in the mail was a beautiful custom created photo book that was exactly what I wanted! PERFECT. And very professional looking. And so ridiculously cheap. So 10 points for Shutterfly... and I have this feeling I am going to be making lots and lots more photobooks in the future. They have lots of sizes and options to make it perfect for gifts, brag books, etc. I love this!
(Side note: We purchased the copyright for the pics from our photographer, so this was totally legal. Please don't use pics that you don't have copyrights to... it's just not fair to photographers that work hard and use their talents to capture your memories... so keep things legal and ethical, kids!)
Check out our book below:

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