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Monday, February 4, 2013

2012 Family Pictures

A few months ago we had family pictures taken.
My friend Jacie of Dance With Me Photography took them for us. Jacie does mostly newborn and children photography... but she did such a great job with Sam's NB photos that I coerced her into taking some family shots for us. Just as expected, she did a beautiful job once again, and I LOVE the images she captured.
Sam was happy and cooperative, despite it being cold and so windy.
(Full disclosure, this picture was taken right before he found some goose poop and tried to sample it!)
Photographers love Z because he is an awesome and photogenic Daddy. I think this picture is so sweet.
This is a favorite! Love this little man so much!
Another Favorite... my smoochy little Sam-- he knows he's the star of this photoshoot. Look at that star power!
My only regret is not getting any shots of just Z and I (My fault!) I didn't think about it at the time... but as I was going through the final shots later, I so wished I had. 
Regardless, I love these beautiful shots of my family-- taken in our favorite park, literally, the day before they tore it up to build some big building in it's place. So sad!
Jacie did a great job. You can visit her FB page here if you want to see some of her other work, (Yep, that's baby Sam in the header!) but (sad for you) she is currently taking a year long hiatus to focus some time on the ever changing needs of her growing family. Sad for her clients, but so SO good for her family! Good for you Jacie! Thank you again for your beautiful work.

And... I know we are well past Christmas, but I went MIA for a season, so here is the Pogemiller 2012 Christmas Card featuring one of our beautiful family photos...
Wishing you a lovely holiday and merry and bright new year!

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