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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, from Sam.
The handsomest little bachelor ever. Eat your heart out, ladies.

Okay, so this valentine is something that has been floating around in my mind for a while... and it didn't turn out exactly as I imagined it, but it is still cute as crap. When Sam was about 3 months old, I found this little tux at a second hand store on a 50% off day. I think I spent something like $5 on the tux pants and jacket, a vest and tie. I didn't know if he would ever have an occasion to wear it, but it was worth it to have on hand, just in case. About a year later, it finally fits him and we didn't have a real occasion for it-- so why not make one?
I have a friend who is a photographer with beautiful backdrops and whatnot who offered to take the pics for me, but we just couldn't get the schedules to work out and make it happen. I couldn't shake this image of the little guy in this little tux clutching a red rose... so I made it happen.
We used the super classy white sheet (that I didn't even iron) (and really should have) (oops) method... and Sam took one look at that set up and laughed in my face before rolling all over the place and folding and wrinkling the crap out of it. So um... photoshop?
...where my skills leave something to be desired. But in the end it was good enough to send to the grandparents (but lets not lie, the grandparents would be excited about scribbles on the back of a McDonalds receipt.) and I thought cute enough (the boy, not the photoshopping) I had to share it with all of you!
The best part though, may have been the outtakes. If you follow me on twitter (@1sassyhousewife) You already saw some of these, but I thought they were too much fun not to share. All of these are SOOC, no editing. This is photoshoot magic in all it's raw and untouched glory!
Swinging that thing like a sword, I tell you!
And I love the following progression of pictures... check it:
Oh, Nothing. Just cute as crap, and snuggling a rose, NBD.

Still adorable... still adorable...

You need to know that he growled as he bit into the rose.
Then he scattered the petals and draped himself appealingly across them and made his come hither face. Just kidding. Sort of.
You might also have noted that my son is wearing navy blue socks with his black tux. That's because we are classy.  Thank you for noticing. Originally I was going to do the pics in black and white so it wouldn't matter. But then I didn't and it did. So... yeah.

Anyway, made my one year old's valentine spoofing one of the trashiest shows on television, but I feel at peace with that decision. haha.
What did your valentines look like this year? Put links and pictures in my comments so I can see them because I am nosy like that, okay?
Hope you get to spend the day with all the people you love!
Happy Valentine's Day... MWAH!

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