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Friday, April 27, 2012

Sam @ 4 months

I've been putting off writing this. I'm not really sure why... I just all of a sudden felt like you were growing up too quickly and I could stop it by ignoring it. That doesn't really happen... You are still growing! I can't believe how sweet and handsome... and BIG you are getting!

Sam @ 4 months


at birth: 9lbs 2.7 oz
four months: 14 lbs 8 oz


at birth: 19.5 inches
four months: 24.5 inches 


You still just want to do your own thing when it comes to food. You like to eat every 2-3 hours still. And you eat anywhere between 3-6 ounces every time-- depending on your mood. You are all on formula now. About 3 months you started getting really frustrated trying to nurse because mama's body REALLY couldn't keep up with your eating demands anymore. The boobs gave out and you were tickled to have a bottle shoved in your mouth instead which is much easier for you to suck on with your short little tongue. (You can thank your daddy for that.)


Still sleeping through the night. 
I told your Daddy we can't have any more kids because you have spoiled us with your good sleeping. 
We have a bedtime routine now, diaper change and tickle monster with daddy, then jammies, and mama and daddy take turns reading you stories while you eat, then bedtime prayers and kisses and goodnight! Works like a charm.
Your daytime nap schedule is still erratic-- I blame it on daddy's work schedule, but you do love it when he gets to come home in the afternoons to play!


Still your hands. Always your hands. And just about anything else you can get in your mouth.

Tickle monster with Daddy. (usually when you are necked because daddy thinks you need time to 'air out' before your junk is tucked back in a diaper at bedtime.)

Bath time... and lotion massage immediately following.

Toys. Anything that is colorful, rattles, crinkles, or squeaks. Also anything you can get into your mouth. Everything goes in your mouth these days.


When other people are eating and you are not. 
The video cam. Well, you don't necessarily dislike it, but you know when it's been turned on and you get all sober and won't laugh anymore.


Ice cream cone. Grandpa Dale handed it to you, and you knew just what to do with it. You just barely got a taste before mama snatched it away, but you smacked your lips and looked very pleased.

Pretty sure we have begun teething. No fun. Mama got you an amber voodoo necklace and it seems to be helping for now. Lets hope things don't get much worse. 

Your first Easter! Mama had a crazy fit and made you a seersucker suit. You were absolutely dashing. You got some Hawkeyes and Cardinals sportswear from Grandma and grandpa P, Books from Grandma and Grandpa S, and a swimming suit and swimming lessons in your easter basket from mama and daddy. Good loot!
Also, right before Easter, Daddy and I started reading to you from the bible. We wanted you to know about Palm Sunday, about Jesus death, and the Resurrection! Reading from the bible is now mama's favorite family activity.

Special talents

We can't get you to roll over again, but you roll up on your side and scoot around the floor, the bed, your crib, anywhere we lay you down. Sometimes I go to wake you up in the mornings and you have flipped 180 degrees. And you squeal-- quite excited and proud to show me what you've done.

Smiling at ladies in the grocery store. Well... actually it's more like, lower your head and bat your ladykiller lashes all coy-like, then once you've got them in the palm of your hand, they get a huge gummy grin and then you start shrieking and kicking like their cooing is the most clever thing you have ever heard. Seriously, perfect strangers have chased me down in walmart to tell me how charming you are.

Things I don't want to forget

The way you grab on to your shirt and pull your fists in close, then laugh like it's an awesome game when we try to change your shirt.

The sound of your coos and giggles mixed with the sound of daddy's coos and giggles when the two of you play together.

The way you fight-fight-fight against sleepiness, then all of a sudden your head melts into the crook of my neck and you wrap your arm around the other side in this perfect little snuggle hug that makes mama indescribably happy, and desperately sad all at once-- please snuggle like that forever. Please?

And here's some footage of you at four months old.
I really feel like you are getting bigger when I watch these movies. I love you, my Sweetie Baby.

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