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Friday, November 11, 2011

Little Man Shower

Last month, several of my lovely friends got together to throw me the most charming 'little man' baby shower. It was so fun. They worked so hard and included lots of fun and clever details... I just had to share.
My friends know me well and know of my obsession with bow ties, suspenders, mustaches... and other 'little man' things. They incorporated all these fun little things into the party.
There was lots of tasty food and drink, all presented beautifully

There was a clothes line full of handmade onesies just for Baby P, so cute!

In lieu of games, (because I hate baby shower games. Candy bars in diapers? no thanks. And... I may or may not have threatened to walk out of my own shower if there were any games involving guessing the weight or girth of either mother or baby.) they wisely kept activities simple. Other than eating, socializing, and opening gifts, they had a board where people could write their name guesses/suggestions. And then they tried to sort my weekly bump pictures into the right order... (they only got one wrong!).

Of course I got lots of lovely gifts... even though i find opening gifts in front of a crowd a teensy bit awkwards.

But I got to give a gift too... Happy Baby Shower, Grandmas!
I loved all the thoughts and special details that went into the day... little things like, cloth diapers for napkins, wish cards for each guest to fill out, and fun bowtie and mustache beverages

Of course the best part of the day was just being around so many friends and family-- some who came quite far-- just to spend the afternoon loving on us!

 Such a wonderful, fun day!
Baby P (and Mama P) felt so blessed and loved.
Thank you to all our friends for making it a lovely event! I can't wait to introduce Baby P to each of you!