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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Changing Pad Cover

Here is another project from Baby P's room.
If you remember from Baby P's Furniture post, we decided to use what we had, as opposed to buying new furniture for the room. So we will be using the dresser as a changing table. We just had to get a pad for the top, and it actually works out pretty great because there is plenty of space in drawers below to hold diapering essentials.
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We purchased this changing pad:

It was the same brand and organic fill as our baby mattress we selected. I liked that it was contoured (because contour=more stable) this one actually had contouring on three sides, which I thought was cool... until I started making a cover for it. Sigh.
I knew I didn't want one of those minky, elastic-y, slippery sacks they have in the store for changing pad covers. Sooo... I decided to make my own. I knew I wanted it fitted (nice clean lines!) and I knew I needed to make it out of an easily washable material, because... well... it's a changing pad cover-- I don't think I need to explain further.
I found this tutorial on how to make a contoured changing pad cover and basically followed those directions exactly for the bottom. At the top I used a brown paper bag that I laid across and traced out the shape. It took me a couple tries to get it right-- but you know me, trial and error are my two best friends.
I used my paper bag pattern to cut out all my pieces (check out the furry nose on the right there... there are actually limited pictures of this project because someone couldn't keep their furry nose out of my business the whole time... )
 I used my serger for the entire thing, and then slipped it on the changing pad. It doesn't have elastic or anything to hold things in place, but the corners the way they are hold it snug.
Our changing pad had safety straps to attach it to screw into the dresser, and another with a buckle that I guess you use to strap your kid down??? (or maybe it's to attach the pad to your changing table, I haven't figured that one out yet.)-- Safety features! So I made large 'button holes' to thread those straps through.
And then as an added safety feature we got some of this stuff
That would be one of those no-slip rug pads. I cut that to size and put it under the newly covered changing pad. Even before being screwed to the dresser, this grippy stuff held the whole pad firmly in place. I told Z to go try to wiggle and slide the changing pad, and it wouldn't budge. This stuff is awesome!
So here it is all in place ready to do it's job!

I think it looks pretty spiffy. I'm happy with how it turned out... and that fabric makes me really happy with all it's green and blue dots-- it looks good in the room! :) And... because I am certain you are most curious about the rest of our diapering set up... it looks like this:

The left two top drawers hold diapering and grooming essentials:
The left drawer has wipes/diaper cream/powder etc. As well as our little first aide/care kit, pacifiers and hand sanitizer. The right drawer holds our stash of cloth diapers, and we'll also keep some disposables in there, as well as our doublers and other cloth diapering accessories. (And note the cheerily lined drawers... YAY! And helpful dividers I got at Bed Bath and Beyond.)
To the left of the dresser you can see we have the hamper, trashcan and wetbag (for cloth diapers).
When our wetbag came, it needed a place to hang, so one evening while my husband was at work I busted out the power tools! (it was a rush for me... just humor me.)
Measured and drilled a small hole in the side of the dresser, then installed one of the extra handles we had leftover from replacing the hardware on the dresser... and that is now where the wetbag resides. (by the way... I just loved the print of these Planet Wise wetbags we picked out. not usually a bird person... but I couldn't resist the green dots with the little blue birds. Matched baby P's room perfectly as well! :)

So we are all kinds of set up for this. Now the only thing left to do is convince Daddy P that since I had to carry his son for 9 months and then give birth... the least he can do is take diaper duty for the first 9 months... don't you think that it fair?


  1. Cutest diaper set-up of all time. Love the rainbow-coordinated diapers in the drawer. :)

  2. Thanks Danielle. Rainbow organized diapers make me happy too. :)