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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 months old!

Sam @ 10 months


at birth: 9lbs 2.7 oz
  at nine months: 22 lbs 1 oz

You are an adventurous eater and there's not much you won't eat, but... you have a sweet tooth! Fruit and sweet treats are by far your favorite! We have to serve you the rest of your food first, and reserve your fruit for last otherwise you gobble it up and don't want anything else!
Also, you are a grazer. You eat slowly... at your pace, no one elses. We will be frustrated sometimes when you don't seem to be eating your dinner, and about 20 minutes in all of a sudden you start eating, and you get it all down. You take your time, but you eat it all.


You wake up every day around 8:00 a.m.
You nap for 2-3 hours around 11:00 a.m.
You nap for about an hour around 5:00 p.m.
Bedtime is 9:30 p.m.
If we stray from this schedule... you are a grizzly bear.
You sleep on your tummy, with your knees pulled up under you and your bootie in the air. You like having your back rubbed to put you to sleep, and you won't go to sleep without a blanket and your sheep to snuggle.


Getting into all the things you are not supposed to... power cords, the dog gate, the dog bowls, laundry baskets, etc. If it is off limits... you want it. You also learned you could get inside the dog kennels one day... and oh boy was that exciting!

Your trike! Grandma and Grandpa P got you an early birthday gift... a pretty red trike, and ooh do you love it. You have always enjoyed riding in your strollers, but riding your trike (with mama and dad helping push right now) is doubly exciting. You hold on the the handles and steer and giggle with delight.
The shopping carts at Target. Specifically target, because they are bigger than most. And you turn around backwards in the seat and mama puts her arms around you and pushes you through the store facing forward and you squeal with excitement (and people give us dirty looks and judge your mama because it's probably pretty unsafe, and you don't care.)
All other shopping carts where you can't see where you are going.
When Daddy takes his shower. You get so excited when Daddy gets home at night, and he gives you a kiss and plays with you for a few minutes before going up to take his shower, and you scream is angry protest the whole time he is showering. It's not fair that Daddy is finally home and not with you, huh?

First haircut. The Grandmas were distraught, but you looked so clean cut and handsome that they forgave me.
Slides. We went to the park with Grandma and Grandpa P and you loved the slides so much. We tried to start you out easy on the small slides but you fearlessly crawled to the big ones and launched yourself down headfirst. You beamed and giggled and were breathless with excitment to get back to the top each time and do it again.
Special Skills
Pulling up to a stand on the furniture. We had to lower your crib so you didn't crawl/fall out. You pull up to a stand in your crib, on the couch, on the dog gate, on the couch, on the cabinets, on... any piece of furniture you possibly can.
Waving. You are the friendliest kid ever. You wave at everyone. All the time. Always waving. When someone enters a room, when someone leaves. When someone talks to you, or when you see something you like. You have started responding with a wave when someone says 'Bye-bye' or 'Hello' so you get the concept. You love waving.

Playing the drums. Daddy had a little pair of drumsticks cut down to your size, and he set up a drum set for you out of some of his stuff-- a tom, a splash cymbal, and some woodblocks. He set it in front of your chair and you went to town with no instruction or encouragement. And Daddy was SO PROUD.

Things I don't want to forget
Mama trained to run a half marathon this summer, and you were my little running buddy. We put in a lot of miles; you in your stroller and me pushing you along. Sometimes you would fall asleep, but often you would sit awake and wide eyed observing everything. I love that about you, so curious and clever.
You have earned a new nickname-- Mama calls you a pickle all the time. And you smile at her like-- "I know, Mom, I know."

Making videos is very frustrating to you because it means you have to hold still and that makes you very angry or very sad. Either way it begins and ends in a cry fest and your mama gave up. So no 10 month footage.

You are clever, curious, and always on the move. You are ornery, funny, and fearless. You are all boy, independant, and energy all the time. You are our sweet little boy, and we love you and love watching you grow. Just... could you not grow quite so fast? Time is flying.

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