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Friday, August 24, 2012

Making it

My mom dropped off a couple bags like this. And a bag of apples. It's fall, almost, isn't it? I can feel it coming. FINALLY cooling down a bit, and pears and apples from my parent's fruit trees. Lots of pears and apples. So we've been making this, and have plans to can some pear slices for this winter.

Also we went on vacation and I've been slow in recovering and reverting to a non-vacation schedule. So has Sam. He's had a rough week. Lots of screaming and crying from both of us. We just weren't ready for vacation to be over.

I found some lost items, bought some exciting new supplies, and planned out a few cool projects for fall and (sorry if the mention of the holidays so early makes you cringe...) Christmas. I am excited about things to share, if I can ever get around to them.

Did I tell you my child is crawling? I can't get anything done anymore. But really, would I be a bad mom if I put a swiffer mop pad on his belly and knees and just let him take care of a few chores for me?

Oh, and Winston is pretty certain that Grandma brought this bag of 'balls' over for him to play with. So that's been fun too.


  1. So cute (Winston, I mean)! I'm sorry your post-vacation transition has been so rough. Did you guys have a good trip?

  2. Our trip was awesome. Sam was amazing... he seemed to love CO. I can't blame him though, can you? :)

  3. Oooh...canned pear slices sound amazing. I'm excited to hear about your crafty plans (that sounds like your plans are evil....which is not what I meant....). I feel like Christmas is coming at a breakneck pace.