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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sam's weekly photo project

When I was pregnant I took a picture each week of my growing belly. (By the end I kinda regretted documenting how uncomfortably huge I was... but... you know.) After Sam was born I continued the process. No, not pictures of my belly... but weekly pictures of Sam.
I got my inspiration from here, they took weekly photos of their daughter in a white onesie, then photo-shopped in the number. It's amazing how much our little man has changed in just the short 12 weeks since he was born.
So I got little else done the first few weeks of Sam's life... but I got a picture every Friday to document our growing little man.
(I love the little legs that are at the same time chubby and scrawny!)

Someone asked me how I am going to find that many back drops... I think I can do it, I have a small stock pile of fabric to draw from. (And I delight in buying fun new 'boy' fabric too!)

Also, I have been learning more about using my camera and using photoshop to edit photos. Not that I am a pro at either, but I kinda think my skills are slowly improving.
Z asked, "Are you going to do this every Friday for the rest of this kid's life?"
Okay, no. But I want to make it to 52.
(weeks that is... not years. 52 weeks. 1 year.)
We even have seasonally or holiday appropriate shoots... (which doubled as our christmas cards, and valentines, so that was helpful!)

I've actually been really enjoying our weekly photo shoots. And I think that Sam is enjoying them as well...
Except for when he doesn't...
(oh, tell me you can resist that little pouty face?!?)
Sam has so many expressions and so much personality! This is a fun way to document his changes. Check back here every so often for more of the weekly photo project!


  1. I love this so, so much. And it's something you'll have forever. It would be amazing if you continued it to 18. Just a quick picture before walking out the door to school, you know;) Oh and P.S., He is still one of the cutest babies ever!

  2. Aw, thanks! We think so.
    My family is already giving me a hard time about making his clothes when he is in high school... a weekly picture might be too much. HA!

  3. Valerie, I am in love with this! It's almost like I get to see him on a weekly basis even though I don't.
    Love to you all!