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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scrabble LOVE

I saw THIS on Ucreate the other day... And knew I must create it for my mom.

My mom is Scrabble Queen. I have never beat her. I don't think anyone in our family ever has. She gets super competitive about it. If you come close to beating her she gets a little ticked at you.  Not that she's a poor sport... she just doesn't know how to loose at Scrabble.

 I knew this would be the perfect gift to brighten her Valentine's day... and immediately went to work. Okay, I lied. I immediately put my dad to work. I have access to power tools... but no workshop-ish type place to use them, and my back porch is still frigid and snow covered. I know you can purchase wood at Home Depot and for a sweet smile and a good batting of the lashes you can get them to make a few cuts for you. But Daddy will do it for much less than that, and he'll pull the wood out of his stash for you... even though he doesn't understand the point of all these 'projects' you need his power tools mad skills and manliness for.
So he cut me up some little blocks and I took those puppies home and sanded them nice and smooth. Then I used my handy-dandy Silhouette machine to cut 2 inch letters out of black vinyl... slapped those on the blocks... then topped the whole thing of with about three coats of Krylon Clear Satin spray finish... and Voila!

Actually, they looked so cute sitting on this shelf in my kitchen (yes, with a cookie cutter) that I had a hard time sending them home with my mom. BUT after seeing them, my dad actually was very impressed with the project and offered to cut and sand as many blocks as I wanted. Heh heh.
Anyway... Happy Valentines Day. Celebrate by surrounding yourself with the people and things you love-- be it family, chocolates, fluffy white dogs, or games you just don't know how to lose. :)


  1. great project!!! :-) now where can I win a Silhouette machine???

  2. This is Fantastic. I love it. I might have to create something similar.

  3. So cute, Valerie! You are amazingly creative...I want to be just like you. :) Thank you for sharing your amazing projects.

  4. This is amazing. I LOVE it. Get it? :)